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25+ Tips & Tricks for the iPhone X (That You Need to Know)

In this video, I will share 25+ Tips, Tricks and Features for the new iPhone X that you need to know.

You paid a lot of money for your iPhone X so I will make sure to give you the tips and tricks necessary to enhance your ownership.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. You missed the BEST FEATURE!!!! Guided Access!!!

    Because the the home button is a line on the bottom you can turn on Guided Access and it will make it so that you don’t accidentally switch apps while playing a game of surfing the Web.

    Or if have a child(ren) you can ACTUALLY lock them in ONE APP and put a timer so that they stay on a SINGLE APP and watch their screen time.

    I’m just curious why you didn’t mention it in the video…

    But other than… AMAZING VIDEO!!! 🙂

  2. Thank You, I should of gone on YouTube before I called Apple to get my ringer to work. I lost all my apps. because the Apple Tech had me reset my iPhone X. DAMN!!! Now I have to download all my apps again!!!!

  3. Indeed informativ video for a newbie but not so much about tips and tricks.
    Anyway thumbs up for the explanation for starters.

    PS: As far as I know when using FaceID you only have the option immediately when using required passcode.

  4. When you get all the apps and you wanna remove them you just hold them and swipe up to get rid of them instead of clicking on the red minus sign

  5. This tutorial was tremendously helpful. My husband and I purchased new iPhone 10’s and watching this video got us up and running immediately on how to use the features of our new phones. Don’t know how I would have ever figured out how to do any of these things without seeing this first. I sent the link to my husband to watch too.

  6. I had never owned an iPhone but I recently received an iPhone X as a gift. I have friends that are diehard Apple fans so I asked them for a little help. The no home button thing had them scratching their heads. I found online advice about how to multitask between my open tabs but zero info about how to close them! I’ve literally been online for an hour and a half and just came across your channel. TY, TY, FREAKING THANK YOU! I was about to lose my mind over this stupid thing. Okay honestly I’m kind of in love with this phone now that I know how to use it!

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