3 MAJOR Problems With The LG V10!

****NOTE These issues should be fixed in short order by LG! They are already aware of the case issue and are working to get it fixed on all variants. The only way companies find out about issues like these is if we the consumers point them out. In this case the issues are all software related and can be fixed with updates!*****

This is still the most under rated smartphone of 2015, and one of my favorites of the year! I am still using it as my day to day phone!

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  1. The worst issue with this phone is the battery life. I cant remember i have had a smartphone with a worse battery life then this. Even in airplane mode with screen off it drains alot of power. My S7 Edge uses almost no battery in the same mode.

  2. My phone is like on permanent dimming i dont know what to do ive already restarted my phone and it turned on the same way does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  3. I like this video, it was one of the reason I chose to switch from the Samsung Galxy to LG V10 and i have never looked back. But, to set the record straight I got this phone right when it came out. I've never had any of these problems you've talked about and have always kept it in a protective case too. As for the speaker.. I bought this phone for the HD 24bit DAC Flac file playback and HD record ability… Not to listen to a crappy smartphone speaker and they're all crappy if you ask me. This was the only phone with real studio specs in 2015. Now I'm about ready to move on and get the V20. I'm grateful there's a good option to the Crapple or Samsung… It's hasn't always been this way. Plus LG has kept their flagship phones very affordable… I like LG a lot they won my loyalty with quality at a great price line.

  4. In my opinion the issue when u trying to call I don't think is the phone itself might be the carrier, or u got really bad connection in your area or both.-

  5. the only problem iv had is my lcd screen is burt to the background of my phone and i know someone eles thats happened to said its from the cup gettung yo hot while you are using it.


    Despite being clear enough that the BOOT-LOOP is a FACTORY DEFECT, customer service said they will not repair my device even if I pay for it because I moved to another country. I thought it was a nice idea to try one of these not-so-cheap alternative brands, other than Samsung and Apple, and I lost my money, time, hundreds of photographs of my child and now I get this crappy "f*ked up-style" answer. F*ck the customer!

    Other problems I had so far: Ear speaker dead after 1 month, screen with strange horizontal scratches clearly factory made, fuzzy behavior of rear button, and now the boot-loop due to a faulty lead-free solder process.

    I also have a 2nd battery, external charger, 2 leather covers, I try to imagine what can I do whit this. Every time I see someone with one of these mobiles I feel sorry for him. I'll NEVER BUY A SINGLE PENCIL OF THIS CRAPPY BRAND AGAIN!! Now if you buy it is your fault (lessons learned).

  7. I have the LG V10 through AT&T. I have never experienced the volume bug and I don't use a case so the finger print I never noticed. I have noticed sometimes even with three bars I just can't surf the net. I think this is probably AT&T in my area as far as service. The only other issue is the battery. They do not last long enough. LG needs to create an extended battery in the same slim size and I would be totally happy. I absolutely love my phone. Up until 15 months ago, I had always used the iPhone and this is my first Android. I will never purchase another Apple product as long as I live. I would not go back to Apple if they were Free! This is an exceptional phone worth every penny.

  8. ive had this phone for a year and a half and this is my 3rd replacement. Either the headphone jack stops working, the charger port stops working, and it destroys chords for seamingly no reason. Do not buy this piece of garbage.

  9. I'm an LG fan but unlike the other people in the comments in not going to tell this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about and these problems don't exist (and never existed).
    If the guy said he had these problems I'm betting he probably did. New flagships always have software twekes that need to be worked on. When you buy anything on release day your really buying a working progress.


  11. yesterday my g4 sn512 suddenly turn off and freeze while charging omg its bootloop.but idk i managed to fix it by simply use the original battery and doned hard reset.now its working good

  12. Love my V10. Only issue is the bootloop. Completely shut down my phone. Luckily LG took care of me. Sent it to them and they fixed it and had it back in 3 days. Just keep your original box if you buy one. Also my fingerprint scanner works perfect with Verizon.

  13. I've owned this device for a month and I've never experienced any of these problems. I assuming its been fixed By now but this phone is awesome. My fingerprint scanner works every single time even with a case and it's so much more convenient than using a lock pattern and my speaker and calling works fine as well.

  14. the phone does not work i have one and it has a mayor problem it died …and does not want to turn on or hard reset its litery dead….can someone help on this isue?

  15. With the exception of my headphone jack, which is totally possible it's user related, I can only add a couple software related issues that still haven't been fixed.

    I still has occasional audio issues with and without headphones where the audio will start to fade in and out and the only way to fix it is to restart the phone.

    Additionally, there is a major problem with what I call "software screen burn in". Basically, screen images start to continue to exist even after their gone, almost like the old CRT and LCD screen burnin issues you see with old screen types, but it appears to be completely software related since it's remedied with a phone reboot.

    The only other issue I've had is that my headphone jack is almost useless at this point (I've had the phone for a year), but as I've mentioned that is likely a combination of build quality and issues on my end with headphones being ripped out of the phone.

  16. i bougth this phone dec 22. 2016.. before i start setup i charge first.. i notice it became hot. then i remove the charger. then i set it up. i update to lollipop i installed imo apps.. then i tried to video call.. every around 3 minutes my restarting. 5x happens. then i reset the phone.. try i again video call it was good.. then i charge.. 100% charge.. i removed the charge i left my phone at home. after 4 to 5 hours the battery drained… i didnt use… then i charge again. i installed whatsapp.. then while installing the phone reboot it self. so i decided to bring back to the store to check.. what the salesman did, he reset again.. and i told them its better to monitor this phone before i take… what you will advise to me.. ask for the replacement or what.. please help..

  17. That last issue with the calls droping all of a sudden happened to me in my s7 all the time, with the exact same (and only) solution. it very, verh annoying. It doesnt happen at all in my Huawei Mate 9 ever. It must be some major software bug. Restart it (or back for airplane mode sometimes) and I'll be call enabled again. Weird.

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