An Honest Comparison: Apple iPhone X vs. LG V30

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  1. I have a v30 plus and iphone 7. I use them daily. I have also used the iphone X many times. There is no clear winner for everyone, but I am please with the v30 more than any phone I have used before. It isn't perfect, but as you said better than I, it is a seriously well done phone … perhaps the best all arounder.

  2. Why do people want phones to come with earbuds so bad? No matter what you aren't going to get anything more than some cruddy earbuds so why not just supply your own?

  3. LOL me too I had the I phone X and I have to switch to android and my first option was after watching 100 of videos about phones The LGV30 and I don't have any regret I have 1b sd card in it and unlimited space on google photo! plus I love google assistant! I have been an Apple user since the first phone they released. but I won't go back until they do something similar to android !!

  4. Watching from my lg v30. Audio is good screen is good only two things lack on the Canadian model lgh933 is the Bluetooth is 4.2 not 5.0 and running on Andriod 7.1.2

  5. Idk if I missed it, but did he forget to mention the expandable storage on the V30 as well as its capability to shoot video in HDR as well as in log format for post processing?

  6. Good review what i love about the v30 is the dac and just watching people in normal life everyone seems to have their headphones in so why not get the absoult best in audio with a great screen and manual camera my v30 379$ on eBay for sprint plus model in mint condition love it have the v20 and note 8 as well

  7. Please don’t recommend the V39, especially over the iPhone C.

    I had high hopes for the V39 but it was a major letdown for me, and considering LG’s worst in class update policy, nobody that wants to use it longer than a year should consider it.

    The HTC U11+ costs the same and has a better screen, larger battery in a slightly more compact and better looking design, better software optimization, faster updates and a vastly superior camera. The camera is second only to the Pixel 2, and even better than my iPhone X.

    If you don’t want an iPhone, don’t buy the V30. Buy the U11+

  8. Hi, my V30 does have B&O headphones included in the box. I dont understand why you said that there are no headhones. Also the speaker may not be stereo but it has cristal clear tone. But once you listen to hifi music you can get carried away so good it is. I love the V30s design very much. The implementation of minimal bezels is much better than on the iphone X with that disturbing notch. If I wanted to buy an iphone, I would rather go for the classic design of iphone 8 plus with finger print scanner and without notch. However, I decided for the V30 and have no regrets. And by the way, the price has also come down already which makes it even more attractive to buy.

  9. Forgot to mention that the v30 comes with a fast charger while the iPhone doesn't. So that $1k+ phone u bought doesn't even have fast charging outta the box

  10. Great and honest opinion..unlike the tech community that hypes Apple and Samsung products. I had my coworkers iphone x next to my V30 and I could clearly see V30 display looked accurate and was larger still being on the same footprint.

  11. 1) You should get the Air Pods. It is a clear win for Apple. 
    2) Face ID is the future. 
    3) The iPhone X has the best screen of 2017 (made by Samsung & mastered by Apple).

  12. "But because they don't have headphones included, I'm not gonna give the win to the v30" … Jesus, biased much?? One phone LITERALLY can't ever use headphones dude. "I'd prefer if they came in the box" well, I prefer to have the option for hi-fi audio with headphones and not have to pay $1000 for a product with features missing.

  13. No mention of the greatest dac/amp ever on a phone? This is why ear bugs are not included. The dac-amp drives my B&W P7s to pure audio nirvana… Just completely unbelievable experience… And it's a phone!

  14. I had both phones and I have to admit the LG V30 has way more features than any apple phone lg is way faster and the battery is super good this is the first time I'm using android and I'm not going back to Apple until they make something similar yay! I don't have to pay for my favorite games on android but on iphone always charging me 10 bucks and even more screw them LG by far killed although I'm gonna try note 8 .

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