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Can’t install any downloaded APK file on Android – How to solve the problem if you can’t click the

Can’t install any downloaded APK file on Android – How to solve the problem if you can’t click the install button, when installing APK

Solution to the third party app (apk files) installation problem on Android devices. The problem can occur with several apps like Screen Adjuster, Darker, Easy Eye, Twilight, Bluelight Filter and JuiceDefender.

Video text:
I’m trying to install a third party app, for example Amazon App Installer APK on my Android device. But somehow I can’t click or tap the install button. It seems like the button is blocked. The cancel button is working, but not the install button. It is very frustrating.

There is a simple solution to this problem. The issue is probably that you have a screen filter or a screen dimming app working in background. If this is the case, the install button will not work.

So, I am using Bluelight filter which is enabled at the moment. I go and disable the filter. Then I go back to my app installer. Tap the install button and “Voila”, it is working now.

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  1. I will factory data reset my phone but I need a new sd card and one smartphone that has tons of mb to share all the important data I need

  2. That's such a random effect. You would think that it would also affect the cancel button as well, but nope. Just the "install" button– the one button you're actually trying to click on. XP

  3. Just try to install in a ex file explorer or z archiver it really worked for me u try and see

  4. the issue is that it's not compatible with the device that's the message i keep getting when trying to open file and install!

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