Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X – Full Comparison & Analysis!

We’ve been comparing Apple’s iPhone X against Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus for a few weeks now, and we finally have an answer for those who are wondering which phone they should buy. Watch our ultimate comparison!

Samsung Galaxy S9 ►
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus ►
iPhone X ►

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  1. tbh i like both iphone and samsung but the problem i find is that iphone users think there so much more superior than samsung users even though that the samsung s6 and s7 were marginally better than the iphone 6 and 7 but hands down the both samsung s9 and iphone x are amazing phones

  2. He neglected to point out one; blowing out of water, S9 feature, you can purchase inexpensive gadget and use S9 as desktop replacement. Wait, and just for 100 bucks add 256 gig memory to S9. Try that with iPhone. So, obviously the comparison is playing to Overpriced Apple hands. Common people, wake up.

  3. And people were saying iPhone is too much, but the s9 is 60$ less.

    And people won’t use the headphones sooner or later. Because who wants wires?

    And with the s9, when you look at notifications, the phone will unlock. But with the iPhone, you can look at it without it opening randomly.

  4. If you like features that comes with S9+ then its phone for you..If you like best quality desing materials,simplicity,longevity and software updates up to 5 years and you are not into customisation and features that android is providing then go for Iphone X.Simple
    Now "Samsung and Android fanboys" will say:Ooo Samsung for life,androif for life etc..and they are calling apple fans sheeps hahahaah what a BS..Both platforms are great,just depends on what you will chose over the other.(By the way im not "apple or android fan",i use the best fr both platforms because i like both the same)

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