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[Hindi] How to install and setup / configure Kodi 17.3 Krypton step by step for beginners

Due to closure of many resource hosting websites like, many repositories like Xunitytalk, TVaddons, Podgod are not working and fails to install or update.

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You can visit our channel and watch the latest videos on Kodi for latest updates. The procedures explained in this video holds good.

To overcome this problem, you can use working resources explained in the following videos. The installation and configuration process will remain same.

Install working Elysium Kodi addon for movies and TV shows:

Installation of 1080p movies working Kodi addon for movies and TV shows:

This tutorial in hindi ( is about installing and configuring Kodi (XBMC), an online streaming app for watching movies, TV shows, sports and other stuff on a Windows based PC.

In this video, I have tried to explain in hindi, the complete set up of ‘how to install latest Kodi 17.3 krypton’ for beginners / first time users. Using these steps, you can install and configure Kodi easily. In case if you face any problem in installing and configuring Kodi, please post your queries in the comment box. I have tried to include all the important and popular addons but there is no limit for Kodi addons.

Kodi download link:
Sources to be added:
1. (Non functional)
2. (Non functional)

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  1. hi nagu please guide me for the issue of buffering on spinz tv and if you have any video regarding buffering please share and second thing how to get back on kodi setting while watching spinz tv for another add on like buffering addon on kodi sitting i am very new on kodi issue thanks

  2. hi nagu please tell me the easiest way to intall all sports live chaneel and movies channels on amazon alexa fire tv stick i have saw your videos butt these look me complicated i have install kodi butt how install the add on please gude me thanks

  3. Hlo yr sanu plz dsna pela assi kodi install krde a te bd wich e jhere sources bhrde a te o bhar ni hunde sanu ds skde v ki problm hayu

  4. whan i put on add source n i enter in the box– then giving message unable to connect ( couldn't retrieve directory information. this could be due to the network not being connected. would you like to add it anyway? ) this message giving me aur sab me ye message araha hai jitne bhi aap ne ling diye hai to kaise hoga ye sab

  5. I have aneroid tv box t95z plus and kodi 17.3 wt hard to load fusion tell me about load Punjabi and Hindi tv if possible email me

  6. Hi ma'am,
    I have problem , when I click on the add ons link it show nothing and said network can not ……
    How to solve it ?

  7. Thank you madam for nicely instructed for kodi instalation in our native lang.thanks again.

  8. Thank you very much for the detailed step by step explanation!!! This is awesome! Waiting for your next video!

  9. Great video! Good content! wondering if the same software can be installed on Android phone.. please make a video on it if at all it's possible 🙂

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