How get beta update on HUAWEI Honor 8 lite/any HUAWEI device?

Dns changer

firmware finder

Please watch: “MIUI 9 THEME FOR EMUI 5.0/HONOR 8 LITE”



  1. Hi
    Could you install the b171 version
    Without any problem???
    I downloaded it but when I wanted to install it
    It failed!!!!!!
    I think the pra-la1c185 part on
    Firmware finder is for
    P8 lite 2017 pra-la1 not for
    Honor 8 lite pra-la1
    The firmware is a little different on
    These phones
    For example may 5 security update
    For Honor 8 lite is b165 version
    While for p8 lite 2107 is b166!!!!
    And another little difference in
    Huawei and honor rom
    So we can't install it on honor
    Could you install the b171 with stock recovery??

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