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How to Back up and Restore Viber Message History

Viber Message History
Back up text message history to your device’s cloud and restore it whenever you need!


1. How to back up my message history?

Go to More Screen
Click Settings
Select Backup Viber
Choose Back up*
Wait while Viber backs up your data!

2. How to restore the chat history that I backed up?
Make sure you sign in to the same cloud service that you previously saved your backup to.

Go to More Screen
Click Settings
Select Backup Viber
Select Restore Viber content

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  1. Well yes, if you backed-up you can see the RESTORE option, but what to do when you back-up-> Factor Format-> Install viber and there is no RESTORE option?

  2. Hello. I have a new device as well as a new phone number. I lost the old number which was registered to my only viber account. I still want the old number as my viber account because I have lots of messages there from my friends and I want to retrieve them on my new device with the new phone number. Is it possible? Thanks a lot.

  3. can be restored to new phone device by same line number.. i mean it can be used for transfer viber messages to new device ??

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