How-To Easily Root LG G3 ls990 – Simple rooting tutorial!

How-To Easily Root LG G3 ls990 - Simple rooting tutorial!
Go here for files and full guide http://tinyurl.com/zvwvw5oiei3p

Today we'll cover how to root the LG G3 ls990. The tool we use in the tutorial can be found at /

Rooting with One Click Root is easy. We'll show you how you can root your phone in less than 5 minutes. In several steps you'll go from having your LG G3 ls990 restricted and locked down, to open, free, and rooted:

Step 1) Download and install One Click Root
Step 2) Connect your LG G3 ls990 to your PC using your standard micro-USB to USB cable
Step 3) Enable USB debugging on your LG G3 ls990
Step 4) Run One Click Root by pressing Root and watch the software go to work

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