How To Easily Root The LG Optimus S With LS670ZVD Firmware With Gingersnap

This is a tutorial on how to root Sprint's LG Optimus S smartphone. The tutorial works with the latest LS670ZVD firmware on the device and might work with other firmwares but no guarantee. That firmware is the firmware that came out in March 2011 and is version 2.2.2 Froyo. The process is very easy and doesn't even require you to use any command line tools or anything.

You will need to first download a few things onto your computer. The list includes .NET framework 4, Visual C++ 2008, the Optimus S drivers and the Gingersnap program.

.NET Framework 4: http://gtmurl.com/nNn2O6

Visual C++ 2008: http://gtmurl.com/rs0Dj1

Optimus S Drivers: http://gtmurl.com/pNnxId

Gingersnap Program: http://gtmurl.com/nuOwUW

Check out this forum thread if you need information on how to get your Mac or Linux computer ready: http://gtmurl.com/oaVcDd

Once you have the computer ready you just need to go to your phone settings then under applications and then development check the USB debugging box after that you'll need to reboot your smartphone. Once it has been rebooted unlock the smartphone and plug it into your computer using USB. You should see a USB debugging icon on your smartphone's notification bar.

Then open up the Gingersnap program using your computer and click on the root button. It should take a little while and your LG Optimus S should reboot during the process. Once it's finished rebooting it should be complete and there should be a new superuser program in your list of smartphone applications. That means you have successfully rooted your LG Optimus S.

If you follow these directions nothing bad should happen to your LG Optimus S during the process of rooting it but if something bad does happen I'm not responsible for it.

Blog: http://zlstudios.net

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cusinndzl


  1. I need major help, I did a factory re-boot on my phone and now the sd drive will not work… I tried to format to fat32 on a windows PC and still nothing.. Even the old  sd card I used to use with it won't work now… The problem is to is that I use a MAC. I downloaded that lg upate for mac and installed it but I can't find it anywhere on my computer and the uninstall  shows as an EXE. file. I'm at my wits end.. I know its an os problem too. Its running 2.3.3, with baseband;LS670MVJ_6150 I can't update firmware Because the phone isn't connected yet, I've been using WIFI.. What can I do? How can I update this thing so that the sd drive will work again? Can I install a new os without the use of an SD Card? Plus I use OS X Mavericks too.. Help!!!!


  3. The Evo 4G is unrootable if you have the OTA update… I was trying to root mine for a few months and I gave up. You'll have to downgrade and stuff to do it, takes about 7 hours, AKA give up its not gonna happen lol

  4. here's the deal the usb that comes with the phone is shit and not for data its for charging so find a new one for data and it will work

  5. My phone has been sitting here for 52 minutes and nothing has happened yet . The ginger snap thing has been saying the whole entire time is " Executing Exploit, Could Take A While… "

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