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How to Install Android 4.4 – KitKat on your Android Device – Download Links

Android 4.4 – Installation with recovery – on Android device
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  1. How can I change the command prompt chinese language into english from mobile phone? Hard to set..

  2. Whatnis called of the KitKat,jellybean and more in android device
    Also I'm asking for help is android fonepad kitkat, or jelly bean or something I don't know pla help

  3. I have panasonic p81 having android ver 4.2.2 I want to upgrade it to kitkat or Lollipop
    Please help! how do i do it??

  4. Flo wolf just asking will this work for android 4.1.2 (Gt-NT7000) and will this reformat evrything in you device?

  5. Is there any possible kitkat update for Prestigio 5450 ?? Thank you in advance. =) btw great work keep on =) 

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