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How to install Android 4.4 Kitkat on your PC – Tutorial

Want to download and install Android on your computer using? in this tutorial i will show you how to get the Android .iso file and run it on your PC using the VirtualBox VM (Virtual Machine) software step by step with ease in HD quality.

This will enable you to run and install any rooted Android 4.4 Kitkat APK android apps, and the most popular apps like WhatsApp etc..

Links for the files:

Virtualbox x86:

Android Kitkat 4.4 iso file:


  1. i`m speechless…TYVM…the best easy way to finally play android on pc…but little help can i make it faster coz i`ve slow pc ..i hope there is a solution and also the mouse i can`t see it in the black screen …hope u can help me

  2. sir I have one problem please Help me as soon as possible. I am Installe Vartualbox 5, & android x8 r5, my computer is windows 8 (32 bit) almost 90% work is finish, but last step when I language select for Account details Then not show welcome tittle & not going next step, How I can solved This Problem? ( N,B: "I have no Android mobile" )

  3. The title says "
    How to install Android"
    But you are not installing it, you're just running the livecd, meaning that everything you did (settings etc. ) will be gone the next time you start it..

  4. Hello !I have Bluestacks ,it`s working ok on my computer.Yesterday i install android 4.0 on my usb stick and boot it,not working good,i install 4.3 working verry good,and 4.4 test,working verry good.But i have a problem,how can i install games-magazin play?I ask u beacuse when i clcik install…install a game,working…and when i clck on game…the game need more mega and i recive this message:to downloawd connect wifi…:((((( can u help me?pleaseee

  5. I need support.

    I'm facing problems installing any android version on virtualbox.


    I wnt to the option: Install Android x86 to hard disk as inscribed. But After flashing various text it appears rebooting in 5 seconds.. Partition menu doesn't appear.
    ..After rebooting again the same menu appears to install Android x86..After waiting for automatic boot there is some kind of error msg. (kernal….)

    Mail me to

  6. When i start it ,it shows "Auto capture keyboard" and nothing happen …. Provide a working solution ..

  7. I have followed the steps you laid out in the video but when starting the android through virtualbox i receive a "[0.030000] tsc: fast TSC calibration failed" after that it goes back to the blue screen. It is a constant loop. Help please

  8. hello.. can this iso file work on my computer.. win8 x64? pls help.. thnks. i have installed virtual box..

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