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How to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow in telugu [TELUGU DROID]

How to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow in telugu [TELUGU DROID] :

Hi this is JAYA MOULI ,In this video i want to explain How to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow in telugu .

How to root your android android device –

How to install recovery ( twrp) in telugu –


G-apps (google apps) –

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  1. i am in twrp install chesaanu….
    but externel storage tooo vunnai files….
    install avvatam leedhu…..
    and phone kooda open avvatam leedhuu…
    plzzz mail meee +Varaprasad Naidu

  2. Bro. Nadi coolpad dazen… Update avutunda? update cheyalante em cheyalo cheppu…send Mail…

  3. hi..Annaya.nenu "marshmallow 6.0 nu Ela install chyaloo" mana video chusava same follow ayyanu but cm13 zip file.. success attending..but googleapps matram fail ani vastundi ne link tho patuu.. Inka chala Gapps versions kuda try chysanu butt success macadam. ledu bro..eppudu mobile reboot ayenatarava Google services error ani chupistundi …nenu eppudu em chyaloo chappu broo

  4. hii bro I root the mobile but I uninstall google play servises and google playstore what want to do next please tell me please

  5. hlo bro…
    nenu flashify on cheyagane
    you don't have root/superuser access on your device ani chupisthundhi

  6. Hlo bro na mobile lo recovery select chesaka vere LA options vasthunnai ….
    ex. wipe partition
    wipe cache
    etc ..ela cheyali update

  7. cm 13 lo na phone infocus m530 rom ledhu please help bro

    best custom rom set my infocus m530

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