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How To Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4) on HP TouchPad

x86 installer is for 32bit computers; x64 is for 64bit computers.

THE CODE IS: “novacom boot mem:// (less than) ACMEInstaller2”

Download this .zip file for the files!

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How to update to Nightly Builds:

If you run into any issues just shoot me a message at either option below:

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  1. hello, i',m from venezuela, i have a problem. i have been cynamod in this tablet bur last version. right now i can't get in into the tablet, i tried to configur with hp but right now the server didn't found or exist, i think is a problem in Hp support., how can i do the hard reset, please i need you help

  2. Hey so I have Java installed and updated, but when the .jar file is supposed to show up after extracting the files close to the start of the tutorial, there are two .msi files instead, called NovacomInstaller_x64.msi and NovacomInstaller_x86.msi instead. What am I doing wrong?

  3. i just installed ice-cream sandwich in my touch pad following ur site. it took me a couple of tries,,but i got it. thank you

  4. I am following your tutorial for installing Android Ice Cream Sandwich on my HP Touchpad. I have gotten to the point where my touchpad is in recovery mode and I am typing the novacom code on the command prompt screen, but my computer says unable to find device… what do I do?

  5. Thanks, this is very cool. I justy tried it, but novacom is unable to find the device. any suggestions?

  6. Never mind, I was able to install and follow your proper steps, even though it took me about 6 hrs to do so. Thanks! 😀

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  8. donde puedo o alguien tiene el sdk para crear la carpeta palm in porque no esta disponible su descarga en la pagina de web0s

  9. ohhh now it work.
    for people who have the same problem as mine, I had taken the USB cable out of my computer and then plug it in a charger, and charger it, for a while and then i have plug it back in my PC and then I write the CODE again and it have work.

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