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How to install CWM Recovery in any android device (single click) – The HowTo Tutorial

Hey guys in this tutorial i’ll be showing you how to install cwm recovery on almost all android device with a single click.

Mobile Uncle Toolbox :-
Recovery.img :-

Official Website:-

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  1. not working for me im using a lenovo a850 with a A850 stock rom s124 i follow all the step and when i reboot to recovery it just show the logo and then shut down

  2. Video title is misleading. Remove the word "any" because in your description you revert to the word "almost" with installing CWM Recovery on Android devices.

  3. hello guys can anyone help me I did was format system before I take backup please help me my phone cannot reboot please help me!!!! what do i do!!??

  4. Reboot into recovery , only manufactured recovery  mode,not CWM recovery mode.. What is the problem ?  ZTE Star 1 (s2002) phone. qualcomm snapdragon not MTK processor.

  5. What fuck why I can't not open my recovery mode I follow you step by step but nothing happend its get automatically restart but why please help I can't open anymore my recovery mode and I can't not reset my phone to back to normal happend help please

  6. Thanks for the interesting video. However the Mobile Uncle Toolbox link is no more supported by play store. Good luck. I subscribe!

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