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How To Install KODI With All Add Ons Any Android Device

How To Install Show Box, TV Portal & KODI Builds On Your Android Device. The Link Below Is The Build In This Video

Get All Your IPTV Without All The Hassle Of Searching For Live Links With KODI Add Ons Always Going Down. Everyone Hates Searching For Live Links In KODI. We Will Be Adding Every KODI Build In Our Up And Coming Website

We Will Be Adding Videos Daily On How To Get Your Own Boxes For Cheap You Can Get The Cheap Android Set Top Boxes From Many Home Shows Or Conventions Like The MXV, MX3 MXQ or M8S. That Actually Only Cost $40 to $50 I Will Include Links In Our Next Video On Where To Buy Them & How To Install The KODI Files Step By Step. There Are Higher End Boxes That Run $80 To $90 That Have 2G RAM 16G HD & The Best Processors We Will Be Adding Alll The Link & Specs In The Next Video.

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  1. My android stop working, can't download movies, I've rebooted several times still not working. Only prime time works, exodus, stop working.

  2. hi I cant get kodi to load on to my android box, never come up on the screen like your does ,help.

  3. im in the uk i bought one of these (£100) and it has an app on it called BBTV its
    great probaly better watching sports than using kodi never buffers got
    another box from a different seller (£40) which dosnt have BBTV and
    watching sky sports on this box is useless does anyone here know how to
    find and load BBTV on the box i cant find anything online about BBTV

  4. I have a question maybe you can help me out I was checking out my speed can you tell me if this is a good speed,,, Pen 12 download 21.29 upload 21.13 Iam using Wi-Fi I appreciate it

  5. Do You Have Any Idea How to set up a Xgo DX box up the instructions don't tell you how to get sports i saw you bought the mx k4 box i was just wondering if you knew how they setup and what it the easiest way to get sport channels. if you could tell me how about going to get it set up with sports. also how do you get the fave icon on the tv screen ?

  6. Hello! I was wondering that kodi box and where get it that and what if have problem not work have Warren and don't waste the money!

  7. Hi I'm having problems trying to install my kodi every time I try to install fusion addons it keeps saying couldn't retrieve directory information even tho its connected to WiFi can someone please help

  8. I need help getting USB mouse and keyboard working on MQX with Android 4.4 . Got it from grandkids for birthday . Can you help .

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