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How to install Ubuntu on your Android device

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How to download and install Ubuntu onto your Android smartphone or tablet.

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  1. Your just running a VM in the android operating system to run ubuntu. But this doesn't solve the fundamental problem, how to do away with the sh*ty Android OS…. They need to design a phone that can take any Linux or BSD you throw at it, bare metal. Then you can just program software for calls and sms.

  2. So basically it's running the Linux system on the phone then accessing it from vnc? If it is, I'm impressed.

  3. Will it be installed on Sd card if, I am using Sd card as internal memory, how much RAM and storage space it requires?

  4. it's amazing, you can actually ssh from a pc client to your phone through the IP address on your phone. I was able to setting up the phone as FTP server and samba server. Well these are linux stuff. ^^

  5. Interesting.

    You mentioned Ubuntu, and later explain how to install apps on the Linux distro: I know Gimp doesn't come "built in" with Ubuntu, but LibreOffice does. Is installing Linux distros (such as Ubutnu) install them completely clean (not even a web browser)?

  6. It could be better if we could use ubuntu in virtual reality. I mean opening multiple windows in small screen? Horrendous!!

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