How to Rollback huawei p9 lite from nougat 7 to marshmallow 6 (Updated Links)

Hi, Watch this video to rollback/downgrade to Marshmallow. Please don’t follow this method if your phone is having unlocked bootloader or it’s on some custom rom, it’s only for official nougat. Here are links of some roll back packages and roms. READ this till end.

I’m NOT Responsible for any damage.

1. P9 lite VNS-L21C185:
a. Rollback package:

b. Marshmallow rom:

2. VNS-L31C900
Rollback package:

VNS-L31 marshmallow rom.

a. Roll back package:…87%26amp%3BsiteCode%3Dde

b. 6.0 rom :…03%26amp%3BsiteCode%3Dde

Rollback package:…03%26amp%3BsiteCode%3Dde

Note: Sorry I couldn’t find roms of other regions. So, just flash this rollback package and then search for rom of your region and flash it.

To install nougat check this video:


  1. I managed to rollback the device but now I cant login with my google profile, it says login with the account which was previously synced on this device, my password and everything is correct, I've double checked please help

  2. Once you have applied the update, an error occurs: Software install failed , Incompatibility with current version. Please download the correct update package. Please help me. I have Huawei p9 lite , Emui 5.0 , Model :VNS-L21

  3. Hi,
    My phone's model VNS-L31C464… (Turkey) I found suitable 6.0 original rom for my device. But I can't found rollback file. Is your shared rollback file compatible for all VNS-L31XXXXXX devices? Any idea?

  4. Hello,
    I try to upgrade from c150b123 to c150b160 but obviously I failed because i got c900b160. I flash C150, so I don't know where was the problem…
    I read that is void my warranty. Is that a true?
    What can I do to resolve this problem?

  5. I am on nougat but i have an issue with my camera, it doesn't want to work in any case. I have the same with my mobile internet. If i active it i can't get in the internet. Can anybody help me?

  6. Hi . When I go to your link to roll back package for l21c432 it says Im downloading a L31 ? Shall I continue ? Btw I got a nougat b336 (it says it is a NRD90m test keys version)

  7. Hello, I am from Malaysia. My model is VNS-L31. Build number VNS-L31C636B361. Which one do I need to download? Is it number 2 or number 3? Thanks.

  8. hey its me again i want to go back to my stock rom so i have a question so for the rollback package what i have to download? i had VNS-L21C432B160 and now i have NRD90M test-keys which one i have to download as a rollback package because i dont have a frickin keyboard!

  9. koi b game download kru like dead trigger 2 toh error deta hai cant download error 495 or factory reset b kia tab b yahi problem hai

  10. So ,for example I've updated my phone to the nougat 7.0, It's not official yet,but what if it becomes official ? Will I get any update or something or my android just will be literally ,literally official

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