How to root and install a custom recovery on the LG G3 (easy)

Here is a quick video on the easiest method for rooting and installing TWRP custom recovery on the LG G3! This is required to start flashing roms. Enjoy!

Stump Root: http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/orig-development/root-stump-root-lg-g3-sprint-verizon-t2850906

Bump Recovery: http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/orig-development/bump-unlock-lg-g3-twrp-d852-d852g-f400-t2900614


  1. i just installed in the same way when i try to boot in recovery it shows "[770] fastboot mode started" and then scrren just get stuck. can u help me in solving this issue ?? i'm on lg g3 D850

  2. so im having a but of a problem, I have the LG G Vista, is that a varient of the LG G3, because I cant get a fucking answer from google, all it says is, "Stat Comparison" like thats gonna answer my fucking question.

  3. it says on the stump root that "Device is rooted" but when I check it on root checker it says root access is not properly installed.. what should I do here? I couldn't use Super SU and Flashify 'cause my phone is not rooted..

  4. I followed your every single step but when I click on reboot recovery, it reboot the phone and come up black screen written up "[760] Fastboot mode started'plz help me how to fix this…

  5. eric4mobile your phone rooted ,,,, this video (How to root and install a custom recovery on the LG G3) unrot device how to open flashify? lol

  6. After I hit the root to recovery my device turns off and instead of rebooting the LED LIGHT KEEPS BLINKING!! What should I do?!

  7. when my phone is in download mode it dont fund the device. it says waiting for device for hours and hours. what can i do?

  8. hey … a lot of us have been getting this message saying that the phone has been patched .. please show us a way around it..

  9. Two Thumbs Up!!  Great video with very easy to follow instructions. I rooted and installed the custom recovery on my Bell LG G3 model D852 without a single problem. Thanks again.

  10. So I followed every step and when I opened Stump Root, it said "Grind" on the button and under it said "Press Grind to start". Once I pressed "Grind" it said "Device is patched, sorry!" underneath it. So what am I to do now? Haha

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