How to root android 4.4.2 The easy way ***Updated** look in description.

If you phone isn’t supported click this link. This will show you how to possibly get it to work.

How To Make Towelroot Support All Phones (Fix Phone Isn’t Supported)

If someon


  1. Plz help, I'm android 4.4.2, it says it worked but when I try supersu it says I'm not rooted, my phone is an HTC one mini.

  2. Hi,


    I installed towelroot v3 and it says my device is currently not supported. My device is Samsung Galaxy J1.

    Please suggest other method/link.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  3. my phone is 4.4.2 and i am using towelroot app to root it but still it's not happening what should I do plzzz help @victor s

  4. Please answer back, about the SuperSU i installed the right one and opened it i just have 1 question, it says i need an SU binary installed what does that mean?

  5. Too much use of android space i cant download bc of no storage left but i still got 2.96 GB at my SD Card but not on my storage so i cant do this all

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