How to Root Android 7.0 Nougat [Easiest Method]

How to Root Any Smartphone running Android 7.0, 7.1.1 Nougat - Safe and Easy method!

New Method to Root Android Oreo [Working]: https://youtu.be/-b3K4W5aYYo

Update: Xposed now available for Android 7.0 Nougat [How to Install] - https://youtu.be/mAJMEC-OwZE

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Download Link

Latest SuperSu zip file-

SR2-SuperSU-v2.79- http://bit.ly/2iIxL82

(Link will get updated, whenever new update arrives)


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  1. Pls I need your help. After downloading the zip file. And I short down. I held the power and the down volume button, the factory settings that will come out , doesn't show me any thing about the SuperSU file

  2. Am I the only one here that doesn't just receive the buttons when i reboot? for me i see a blue menu, but no exact "install" button..

  3. WARNING CRINGE, WARNING CRINGE, DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT CAUTION guess what guys, guess what, you need to have root to use TWRP recovery, which seems bullshit but hey, teaches you to buy a fucking PC, cuz android companies had to be like: Company: hey people are rooting their phone easily without a PC. Worker: Yeah, so? Company:MAKE THAT NEW PHONE, AND MAKE IT TO WHERE IT HAS A KINGROOT PROTECTION, now people will have to use PC HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Worker: •_•, dude chill out that can't possibly- Moto E comes out, and people find out you can't root without PC or bullshit ass coding Person: OK time to root this….. THE FUCK??? WHY DOESNT KING ROOT WORK?!?!?!? IT ALWAYS WORKS!!!! Person 2: wow new tutorial clicks YT Guy: hey guys I'm gonna show you how to get a custom recovery so you can root your phone watches whole video Person 2: um the fuck???? why do I need root to install a custom recovery in which I can use to GET ROOT?!?!?!??!?, why kind of bullshit ass hardware is this? Person 3: LOLOLOLOL I'm so rich I have PC so I can effortlessly root my phone hahahahshahahaha! Company: YES ITS WORKING THEY HATE US NOW XD! Worker: hey boss, you do realize they're going to get android 5.0-6.0 phones now since we made a bullshit ass root protection which doesnt really do shit? Company: you're fired! GTFO NAO!!!! People: LET US HAVE ROOT! LET US HAVE ROOT! Company: OK guys what do we do? New guy: shoots himself Elite Worker: I say we actually release a phone that doesn't have a root condom next time. Company: YOU'RE FIRED! GTFO! IDC IF YOU ARE MY BEST WORKER GTFO NAOOOOO! Elite Worker: :'(. People: Riots Worker: dude just chill the fuck out man. Company: oh so you come crawling back fool. I was expecting you. Worker: see what happens when you release a shitty phone? Company: Dies Worker(confused): um how did he die? Dies THE END, moral of the story get PC and play mods on popular classics (not online you cheap fuck) and hell pirate the games for the hell I care

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