How to Root Honor 8 and Install TWRP and Xposed

TK is walking us through the process of installing TWRP custom Recovery, as well as rooting the Honor 8. finally we have the process of getting Xposed installed and working as well. Enjoy.

Download TWRP:
Download SuperSU:
Download Xposed installer:

See the written tutorial here:

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  1. Hello! My honor 8's Bootloadet is unlocked ,but frp locked, oem lock off and greyed.
    I tried to install the oldest Stock Firmware with the huaweii firmware finder.
    Logged out all of my google account and do a factory reset from the setting.But everytime it stucks at "your device is booting now"
    Anyone can help me?

  2. hi i followed all your step but at the part where after i type adb reboot recovery my phone stuck at rebooting now. i googled and it seems that i softbricked my phone. can u help me? thank you.

  3. Ahhhhh I messed up somewhere, I just got my Honor 8 today, decided to try and root it after the "adb reboot recovery" command my phone got stuck I did everything exactly as he said, any idea where I messed up or how I can fix it? I'm stuck in the recovery reboot currently

  4. Flashing twrp img on honor 8 lite.. Unlocked bootloader showing remote command not allowed plz check. Adb n fastboot devices works fine but error for flashing twrp such as remote command not allowed

  5. My phone stucks on honor loadscreen and i can access nothing but TWRP. I pressed wipe and Format Data. I did everything like u except of that wipeing shit. Would be great if sb has an idea what i can do know. 🙂

  6. worked perfectly thanks a lot i also want to try to root another phone htc desire i know its very old but if there is a link please share ill be happy. thanks again team xda

  7. i cant do this, help) after adb reboot recovery i have message (your device has been unlocked and cant be trusted) and thats all, what can i do

  8. Help needed. Hi I've just unlocked the bootloader on my honor 8 dual sim. Just wondering when rooting the device installing supersu and twrp ect ect the files that are supposed to be flashed using a pc where exactly are those to be copied I mean is there a specific folder on a device where the flashable files are to be copied or a specific folder on the pc as can't really figure out. Thanks in advance.

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