How To Root LG Connect 4G Metro Pcs

How to root lg connect 4g metro pcs here are the files that need to be installed.

remember enable usb debugging on your phone before connecting it to the pc and select internet connection. INSTALL USB DRIVERS BEFORE ATTAMPTIING ROOT!

USB drivers:


Root Files:


Questions comment and ask


  1. +pavy415 get scr screen recorder. it's for rooted phones. you can record then upload your screen video to YouTube in hd. pro version can be had free if you know where to look. 🙂

  2. Hello, can i upgrade a customer's connect 4g to 4.1.x? anything 4.1 is what i need to know if this can run…why do these phones make it so difficult to upgrade the OS….

  3. yes, you can brick it if you do not do it right. That is, that you cannot use it at all because the software is screwed not so much the hardware though

  4. could u be any more fake first of all its called homebrew noob, second true hack never say that thry are. u would last out thrre moron get ur favts straight ill finish watch when u quit being a noob

  5. Nevermimd I fixed my problem I just wanna know how to remove a rom or custom kernel also how come after a while of use the phone reboots is there a glitch or what could be the pop problem

  6. I have a random question how do I recover system apps without backup from the lg connect in other words I didn't back things up and it erased my number and metro pcs system apps is there any way to recover them and also my other question is how can I remove or uninstall a rom

  7. pavy415
    Thanks. I followed your advice and it worked perfecty. No problems.
    Do you have a way/video/tutorial to upgrade the android o/s from 2.3.5 ginger bread to jelly bean 4.2.2 with the necessary download link.
    Thank you very much. Appreciate it very much.

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