How To Root LG G2 Running Android 4.4.2 – Easy Method

Welcome to my video on how to root the LG G2 running Android 4.4.2!


Links (wait for 5 seconds and then press 'skip ad' on the upper left corner):
LG G2 Drivers: http://adf.ly/q3Vsn
Root zip: http://adf.ly/q3Vuh
Download to full instrumental: http://adf.ly/q3VtY

Step 1: Enable USB-Debugging

Settings - General tab - About phone - Software information - Tap 7 times on the Build number. Now go to Settings - General tab - Developer options - Tun it on - Tick USB debugging - press OK.

Step 2: Install LG G2 Drivers

Download the 'LG G2 Driver.exe' file and double click it. Go trough the installation and you're done.

Step 3: Prepare the device for the root process:

If you connect your phone to your PC, enable the charging mode (ethernet mode for Verizon users) and turn your Airplane mode on! Press OK when you get the 'Allow USB-Debugging' dialog.

Step 4: Let's root!

Unzip the 'LG G2 Root.zip' file. Double click on the file 'root.bat' and follow the instructions. Remember, your phone must be plugged in!

If you get any type of error, post a comment down below, I'll reply as soon as possible!

Root tips:

If you see a SuperSu app in your app drawer after rooting your device, it means you're rooted.

Download the BusyBox app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

This app installs BusyBox, which makes even more applications compatible with your rooted device.


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  1. Hello, my phone got stock on "Now send the package you want to apply" when y press any key on the command the window close and now the phone don't show any option. What I can do?

  2. Hi. I'm having trouble with root.bat. I connect the phone, put it on airplane mode, open root.bat on the pc and then it says "press any key". I press (for example) space and then it closes. It doesn't move on, the window just closes.
    Developer options on. Charging Mode on. Drivers installed. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. i am trying to root my lg g2, but it comes with few errors
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature.
    E: signature verification failed
    installation abroad.

    plz help

  4. I followed all the steps. Root.bat asked me press any key 2 or thee times i did that. then my lg g2 restarted and i selected an optio 'update from ADB' and then it said send the Adb file. Idk what to do here? Please help.

  5. hi i cant root my lg g2 f320k21W with this program as soon as i open the command and i press and key the command closes without taking any action plz help me

  6. I got this erorr message.. Help?

    "No matching phone found.
    Please post model version mentioned above:
    Android 5.0.2

  7. Might have been asked. But i cant find any.

    But how do I unroot again ?   Lollipop just came out, so i need to remove my Root acces to do a standard resetting and installing Lollipop.
    Is it enough just use the SuperSU APP and the unroot it provides ?
    First time i've rootet a device, and now I cant remember how to unroot  🙁

    I can remember something about a recovery tool in LG support tool. Will this be better using or ?

  8. please help me when i extracted the root .zip file …there war only root file inside it not the root.bat .i hope you got it what i am trying to say

  9. my lg g2 reboots, it loads up the root for like 1 second then goes back into the normal boot, it wont load the root, please help

  10. hey my phone is LG G2 F320s …when I run the root.bat file…it simply opens…when I click enter it works a nano or a second and then closes….nd my phone is not rooted…help me out PLZ

  11. Didn't work i don't get the message and i did everything step by step. How to get that message for root im not getting it and can't root. Please HELP.

  12. I rooted using your method, and everything went fine, but cell phone is still not rooted. when I check in root checker it say root file are not installed properly. I do see SUPUSER IN MY CELL PHONE.

  13. AT&T LG G2 – I followed the instruction to the letter and at the very end I get
    Verifying update package……
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    installation aborted.

    This still in recovery mode after I click the option : "apply update from adb"
    Can you please help me out thx…

  14. hey please can you i was rooting my lg and rooting screen closed and i went to adb and it just freezed there please i want now

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