How to root LG optimus f3

Link here: http://www.mgyun.com/m/en a working root for lg optimus f3 as of july 2016 if this helped please leave a like feel free to subcribe If a new software releases i will get on it pronto


  1. Works for my LG Optimus F3 (V8). Panicked a bit at the end when Root Checker said I wasn't rooted. Then realized I had to give it root permissions within Kinguser. Thanks for making the video and posting.

  2. Thanks for the share but that did not work for me. Avast kept detecting it as potentially damaging to my system even though i checked the unknown sources box.
    I uninstalled it. What do do now? I need more space.

  3. It worked like a charm!!! And it was so much simpler than the method I tried last year. (Motochopper) I partitioned the sd card with partition wizard free on my pc and used link2sd to move apps. Thank you, thank you!!!

  4. I have that phone and the same "pro" recording software as you, but I cant seem to get it to record without a color distortion or lag, could u please tell me what settings you use, or how u got rid of the lag?
    Thx in advance:)
    My phone is rooted btw.

  5. Hey after you root it do you have a rom for this phone where we can flash it to a android 5.0 lollipop. If so can you make a how to. Thank you.

  6. MRPROGAMER56 do u know how to move app on to ur sd card on the LG optimus F3 because I have the same phone as u n my storage gets full fast n I dint have enough space n I wanna move apps to the sd card plzzz help me

  7. Got the iroot app clicked root and then got root checker and it said it didnt work…. but I dont have the kinguser app and dont know how to get it

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