How to Root LG V10 Verizon VS990

This is not my root method nor take ownership

Please check the MD5 of your download before attempting to flash.
If your downloaded file does not match, DO NOT FLASH IT.

TOT File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByV9PZJZiSEBZVhKWTVDM3hRdGs

Verizon Driver:

LGUP Folder:


  1. I am unable to receive sms/mms after this root. Have contacted Verizon support who verified correct provisioning, but still no sms/mms.

  2. When I run  LGUP it shows the phonePort COM5Version: VS99025AProgress: STANDBY but there is nothing in the bottom where the BIN would be.  Just shows File Type and File Path but blank underneath.  No option to browse for the TOT file.  Any ideas? Store Version 1.14 DLL Version

  3. Good video on ROOT, thanks bro. Hardest part is putting the file in the proper folder as some do not have x86 so good for folks to see it in the video, great vid! Will we ever get custom ROMS, how do we upgrade to Marshmallow after rooted? OK, after I do this, how do I get it to update to 6.0 or are there any roms, doubt as not even a TWRP [sic] yet, right? I have the damn Verizon white/gold and its great BUT I am on Cricket so just realized after bought it of Craigslist that I can NOT get LTE. Somebody said with root you can force LTE? He did not say specifies or even about the LG V 10, Anybody know i this is true. Shit, I was having trouble even sending MMS, Pix over the mobile. Now, Do I stay with my unlocked Verizon V10 like it is and find the solutions I need as in LTE as well as send and receive MMS over mobile with an update t at least the regular 6.0 they offered that does not come over my phone as an update, I guess because it was unlocked prior? Or, do I swap to Verizon. I highly doubt I will swap to Verizon and LOVE this phone. HMM. Wish I had somebody to swap an unlocked t mobile variant for my unlocked Verizon as be much easier however there may be an answer for mine, just not sure. I am sure there are answers to some but probably not all my question, hell I can even live with the 3G – H+ whatever it is, I did not even notice a difference but the other issues are BIG to me. Yes, I wish I was getting LTE as paying for it but what can you do, I dunno what that guy is talking about on XDA to force LTE when rooted if the bands are not there which I thought was thee issue. I have my LG V10 set up perfect as took hours no have to to a fresh reboot and lose it all right now because something is up with no mms/pic/voice in the messenger+ app. I even tried to add in crickets APN. Maybe I did it wrong. Grrrr Verizon! This is why I am on Cricket!

  4. "Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device" after following all the steps and downloading root checker.. what do i do

  5. +Rudo, I had a lg g3 Verizon that I rooted. I attempted to install TWRP but bricked my phone in the process. I currently have the V10 model you rooted but on Marshmallow. Should I root or wait til Nogout comes avaiable?

  6. Rudo Douglas, can you show me how to unroot….my lg v10 h960a stock on lg logo i pull
    out the battery and put it again and boot,but lg logo appear…what can i do…

  7. OMFG i updated to marshmallow before i saw this. Now i'm upset ugh. If anyone knows how to downgrade that would be nice. k thanks ugh

  8. what do i do? when i click start, it says "tot open error". Also, is there any way to get out of download mode if the tot doesn't open, other than pulling the battery?


    2. Install the LG Drivers. 
    3. Extract the RAR File to get the .TOT file. 
    4. Unzip "lgupnew.zip" 
    5. Run LGUP_Store_Frame_Ver_1_14_3.msi
    6. LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_1_18.msi
    7. Copy the "common" folder to "C:Program Files (x86)LG ElectronicsLGUPmodel"
    8. Plug phone into PC. Ensure USB Debugging is enabled.
    9. Run "LGUP" from your start menu. 
    10. Select your Phone
    EDIT 10.a – Select "Upgrade" or else it will wipe your phone. 
    11. For the "BIN File" select the "rootedsystemvs.tot" file you extracted in step 3. 
    12. You'll have root in about 3 minutes!

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