How to Root the LG G3 (All Versions) (PurpleDrake Method) – Easy rooting guide !

How to Root the LG G3 (All Versions) (PurpleDrake Method) - Easy rooting guide !
Files and full instructions http://tinyurl.com/oak6il006d5

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The LG G3 is probably one of the top Android devices out at the moment, I have to agree. But just because it may have a sick QHD display, fast processor, and sleek design, doesnt mean there isnt room for improvement. Namely, rooting the LG G3 to try and make some changes to LGs software for starters. Rooting, aka gaining administrative rights on an Android device, is a way to be able to make a ton of customization options for your device that you previously wouldnt have been able to do.

One good example of this is the new G3Tweaksbox app (powered by XposedMod). After rooting, you can follow this How to Customize the LG G3 UI tutorial I have to use the app to control tons of options, from the status bar, to the launcher, to the LED light color even, theres a lot to play with. But, before we get to that, you need to root the bad boy. Dont worry, its actually pretty easy. Heres how.

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