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How to send blank messages on whatsapp | 2 new working trick | WhatsApp tricks

हिंदी में: अब जाने केसे वाट्स एप में blank msg भेजते हे इस छोटी सी ट्रिक के सहारे. मेने 2 ट्रिक के बारेमे बताया हे इस विडियो में. पिछला वाला विडियो में जो ट्रिक बताया था उओ एक लेटेस्ट व्हात्सप्प update के बाद काम नही कर रहा.. इसी लिए मेने फिरसे काम करने वाला 2 व्हाट्सएप्प ट्रिक लेके ये विडियो बनाया. एक ट्रिक एक कीबोर्ड के सहारे और दूसरा एक ब्लांक मेसेज भेजने वाला एप्प के सहारे.
English: Do you know how to send blank message on whatsapp? This is a cool new hidden whatsapp tricks. Its one of the best whatsapp tips and tricks available online. With this tricks you can send blank message to everyone on whatsapp messanger. You can even send different kind of whatsapp blank msg (message). Its the latest whatsapp trick you know! It feels like a whatsapp magic trick. Impress your friends with this hidden trick which he or she might not know. The previous trick on this topic is not working right now. Thats why i am making this video. This video comprises of two trick for sending blank or empty message on whatsapp. One by using a special keyboard and the second via using a blank message sending app. surprise your friends by using these tricks now. this video is in hindi language.

Link of the two apps:

jbak keyboard:


blank text for whatsapp

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