How to Unlock And Install Lineage OS On The Huawei Mate 10 pro And The Honor View 10

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  1. This method is not working, all the files are now diferent from the ones in the video, so ther is a big risk to brick your mate 10 pro

  2. Hey guys, so I rooted and attempted an install twice with my mate 10 ALP-L29 and unfortunately I got bricked from both of those experiences. Might just be me.

  3. After doing this and it installing there is no root… Can't fastboot into bootloader to install twrp to flash the su… Any thoughts?

  4. Why would i install this messy crap with no theme engine over emui???? It has no built in theme engine, it look boring as fuck, and it's shady. I did install 14.1 on my old g4 plus, and it was just as boring and ugly as the stock os on the g4 plus, with an extra of malwares and spywares

  5. Wonderful Step-by-step info! Could this method be used for other Treble enabled Huawei's (such as Huawei P Smart)? How do you secure your phone post-update to LOS?

  6. Sir please make a Oreo ROM for Motorola Moto M … Please sir make the ROM for this device… We are dying to use Oreo on Moto M .. I hope you will make it and give us a major surprise!!

  7. Hey TK! I was a big fan of custom ROMs in the past, but then I have given up on them, because I realised that image quality is a lot worse then with stock (understandably). And today when we pay lots partly for the camera quality and stock ROMs aren't that bad either, I just feel like the gain/loss ratio is not in balance for me. I was wondering if these treble ROMs, being "official", can offer the best of both Worlds. My understanding of the situation is that vendor data is on a separate partition, so I'm wondering if all camera and image processing libraries are available after installing AOSP. Do you happen to know? Also, how are photos looking in a treble AOSP ROM compared to stock?

  8. I use LG G5 Ls992 , I updated to LS992ZVE version and My sim is lock , Can I up rom back to ZV8 OR ANDROID 6.0 or use rom cook to fix it . Help

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