How to Unlock Bootloader on Honor 8

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  1. to everyone here asking about how to access adb and fastboot, download platform tools for android sdk and then go into folder and open command prompt here or something by holding shift and right clicking in blank space, if it would say open in powershell (or whatever it says ur gonna recognize which of these options is it) in that case (do next step if ur not familiar with cd command) move your platform tools folder into desktop, after that go run > cmd, once u are in cmd type C:UsersHPDesktopplatform-tools (NOTE that ur name of user will or might be different from mine [HP], so if its for example Jack, type C:UsersJackDesktopplatform-tools, after that u can type adb and fastboot commands

  2. can i flash back to official honor 8 firmware if anything goes wrong i mean completely stock if i didn't backed up stock and currently on custom and how can i find stock firmware suitable for my device

  3. it keeps fucking teeling me my IMEI or IMEID is wrong im fucking done been trying for 2 hours and i want to FUCKING BREAK MY PC ITS FUCKING CORRECT FUCK THIS SHIT

  4. "The Huawei ID used to apply for the unlock code has not been used on the device for more than 14 days." so should I wait for 15 days?

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