How to update Huawei P9 lite all models to android nougat 7.0 without root or unlocking

Hi guys! Many of you were asking how to update to nougat, Here is the Guide to install nougat via OTA without root or unlocking boot loader on any version of p9 lite, Just follow steps and watch video. Method is tested on non rooted, locked p9 lite.

Disclaimer: I'm NOT Responsible for any kind of Damage or harm.

Note: Please verify your model first. L21 L31 L23 is model no, C185, C432 so on is Localization, Please double check.

1. Install Firmware Finder From Google Play Store
2. Enter in Firmware Finder Settings and Enable( Install via system update) And (Use new firmware base)
3. You'll get prompt to Download Firmware Finder Proxy, select Download Addon.
4. Install it but don't run just press done.
5. Go back to Firmware Finder and select GET FIRMWARE LIST
6. Select VNS-L21C185B360-Fullota-MF-PV (B300 series incase of differnet model) Note: Here many roms of your phone model will appear but you have to select which ends with Fullota-MF-PV. Don't download any file other than PV ending.
8. Firmware Finder Proxy now will start
9. Then Go to Wifi tap your wifi network then modify network then advanced settings and set proxy to: localhost with 8080 port
10. Go to system settings and choose Updater
11. You'll get VNS-L21C185B360 available (Depending on your model)
12. Click it to download (just 1 %) , Then Pause it.
12. Go to wireless settings and disable proxy ( set it to none)
13. Go back to updater and Continue Downloading.
14. Follow instructions to install OTA update.

It's super stable no lag no issue so far.

Note: Watch video and read instructions carefully before you proceed. Don't forget to double check your phone's model no, localization no.

B360 is fully stable, I didn't find any bug. I don't know whether B335 or 336 have bugs or not, If you want you can downgrade to marshmallow but you'll loose all data so Make backup.


  1. Done everything… My phone get update but when i come in it was still on emui 4.1 and my phone just "eat" 1.6 gb. Not fucking work.

  2. hello brother
    i tried to my p9
    its works upgraded to emui 5.0 and get android 7.0
    then stock app like camera and file manager and other default apps are missing
    then i m curious about default apps i have to do factory reset
    then my phone is messed up
    what can i do for my p9 dying?

  3. mine built number is : VNS-L31C432B120 which one should i download? i see alot of them in a list @mobile Tech 2017

  4. Hey may I ask you something?
    What about next updates? Will I have to do it every time to check if there are any or phone will look for them casually on Huawei servers?
    How do I downgrade? Same method?

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi! My P9 lite's build number is end with 160 which one should i download? Beacuse i don't see 360 and i heard the others are bad. I downloaded first 371 or 71 and i don't have system apps. I try to reboot my device but nothing's changed. Could you help?

  6. Hello. PLEASE HELP ME ! I installed your Nougat and right now I can't use camera and the Bluetooth . I tried a Factory reset but it didn't worked. I mean, when I upgraded to this version of Android I was 6.0, emui 4.1.3. And I tried to format, nothing, I'm still on Nougat. What can I do? I tried a solution for the camera. Nothing. Help me please!

  7. I just updated​ my phone (vns-l21c432) and some apps like Huawei themes app,the app for checking system updates and others factory apps from Huawei are missing from my phone..why is that??

  8. I did it and it software failed while it was installing…. The space it took to download it is missing. Please help

  9. is my memory on phone after instaling an update overwritten or just added? Cuz I don't have much memory left on internal

  10. hello, download works fine,but when the device reboots and starts verifying the package,on 1% I get an error saying " failed to check update package". The phone is huawei L21C66B131.
    Thank you.

  11. look. i have l21c432b160
    i found fillota mf pv l21c432b371.
    now question. is thia b371 new version of my curent version? or is it update for other version (b371) and i need to look new update for b160…? please answer.

  12. I have updated my VNS-L21C432 to B371 version and all works fine so thanks for that, but can you help me because all i'm missing is system updater in settings so if I want to update it again I can't.

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