How to update LG G3 to Official Android M 6.0 Manually – NO ROOT/TWRP I EASY

This is a video that a lot of you was searching for 🙂 One easy tutorial again. Hope you have enjoyed, lets reach 5k subscribers together! You will not lose warranty if you perform this update! You can unbrick softbricked LG G3 with this method 🙂



-@skate4life: who helped me a lot!
-@hyelton: for the guide
-@shakeyabootie: for the LGUP


- lg up

-kdz's and info about MM

-Mail: kiatheking@gmail.com
-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kia-594174103985521/?ref=hl
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/AKiatheking


  1. antuwa tuwa antu tu lingukowa vrsz LG G3 constantly mechlo ko ko what u menssion de lobya khora dala with VS985 model me amra raghesta ??????? PLZ Answer SIR!!!

  2. hallo brother i cant get the kdz file from this link
    LG G3 D855 30B_GLOBAL_XX , thanks to @autoprime
    LG G3 D855 30B_EUR_XX , thanks to @maxou2600

  3. I upgraded software to 6.0 using LGUP because I don't use phone in USA.
    Installation completed without problem, but now when I start phone I get message "unfortunately lg vpn has stopped". Beside that, every time when I try to open some settings like Fingerprints & security I get message "Unfortunately, the process com.android.settings has stopped" and window close.

  4. LGUP doesn't recognise my device.

    I have a custom ROM (Marshmallow) and TWRP on it. It just says UNKNOWN DEVICE: COM41, FULMICS. I didn't think this would make a difference to the model number of the phone?

    I am trying to install LineageOS Nougat but I'm stuck. AFAIK, KDZ doesn't install via TWRP. Do I need to use ODIN? (I haven't custom ROMmed for a while so I'm outta touch, plus I have a S7 now lol)

  5. I want to update my LG G3 D850 but I can't any for my model, any links, it's unlocked under at&T and I want it on marshmallow

  6. hi .. lgup shows my version to be D85521a .. should i still go with the D85530B_global ?? i am probably using the intl. model i bought it in dubai

  7. hey bud thanks for your video, i cant seams to be able to download the Kdz file the site simple shows white screen any ideas ?

  8. The easiest way is to use LG PC Suite. No need for downloading questionable files. Click on "phone" in the top menu and select "search for software upgrades". This will do the downloading of available and compatible marshmallow firmware and O/S. No need to lose data. You can even opt for backing up the phone before the upgrade will start. Easy as pie!

  9. Hello,

    I have an LG G3 D855 16GB and I am from Austria. Now I have Android 5.0, should I update to 6.0 or better not?

    Is the battery life better after the update?

    Please answer

  10. Well evrytime i try to update My lg g3 D855 32GB runing on android 4.4 it stucks on 2% with LG Flash Tool 2014
    i have The 30B KDZ file
    I have the drivers
    evrything is ok but i couldnt update it so far somones tells me why?

  11. i want to update my Unlocked AT&T LG V10 to the latest update H90021W. i tried using lg bridge but it prompts me to update from the update center from the phone itself. when i try to update from the phone, it shows "Device is up to date". 

    my question is that if i update via flashing the firmware file, will my device be relocked by AT&T? i live outside USA and Etisalat as my carrier. i have already downloaded the .kdz file for v21w software. i worried whether the device will get relocked by AT&T. help me out guys.

    also i am getting a pretty poor battery out of my V10. wondering whether the new update would give me a better battery life.

  12. I have Unlocked AT&T LG V10. I use a different carrier. I am not receiving any OTA updates. If I update my device manually, will my phone relock itself?

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