How To Upgrade the LG V10 Marshmallow T-Mobile

How to install, Please follow the link below for a full detailed guidelines this is a companion video for the actual process.

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  1. can you pls help me sir? my v1o h901 can't boot up, no download mode, i tried to update it to MM i use LGUP to flash the mm kdz it flash up to 100 percent after that phone cloud not boot up on pc screen a message appear that drive not install i tried to on the phone nothing i tried download mode nothing work but when i plugin to pc and open manage, devices manager it was asking (qhsusb_bulk driver) i download the (qhsusb_bulk driver) and installed it and plug in the phone again it saws (Qualcomm HS-usb QDLoader 9008 (com19) i don't know what next to do pls sir can you tell me what to do? i really need help thanks

  2. Hello,

    I was trying to upgrade my T-Mobile v10 from Lollipop to Marshmallow using LGup software (was trying LG bridge but failed) , and in about the end of the process, the phone is restarting and my computer is searching for qhsusb_bulk driver, which is not present. Nothing happened for a few minutes, so I disconnect the phone and trying to turn it on but failed. Now windows only recognize it as "Unknown device". Do you guys know how to fix it? I'd be grateful..

  3. After updating my phone with the procedure with the LG Bridge app my phone won't turn on. Please help me urgently!!

  4. hey bro can you help me how to upgrade lg v10 at&t 900H….I tried using lg bridge then it fails when updating after the downloads is done!

  5. If I'm on a custom Rom on lollipop with twrp, can I safely use this to upgrade, or do I need to return phone to full stock and relock before using lg bridge?

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