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  1. bro whatsapp lo vere vallu mana number ni black lo pettina kuda mana mobile nunchi unblack cheyavacha …adi kuda account ni delete cheyakunda…cheppagalara

  2. annayya what's app 4 days numchi chestunna what's app verification code aduguthundi. code type chesina taruvatha time paduthundi ante 4 hovars paduthundi ani vastundi code lekunda what's app open avvada annayya please sahayapadatharani anukumtumnna please help meannayya

  3. bhayya Na WhatsApp sarigga work avvatledu Na mobile coolpad note 5 first lo bane ayyedi but eppudu nenu yevarinaina new member ni add Cheysina valla contact chupinchatledu na phone lo contacts anni correct gane vunnai bro kani anni sarlu add cheysina add avvatledu alage nenu na phone settings lo ki velli accounts ani vuntundi kada akkada sync now ani vuntundi kada danni press cheysina syncing. avvatledu bro na problem yento okkasari konnukko bro plzz

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