Huawei Mate SE Review | 1 Month Later

Huawei Mate SE | 1 Month Later!!!

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  1. Got it 5 days ago and loving it. Except that is so freaking big. If it was smaller for a man! That will be amazing. As a guy i feel like i need to buy a purse for this.

  2. I just ordered this phone in Amazon but I realized It said GSM Only and I just found on the internet the 4G LTL Network is not supported. Now im afrain the phone will be slow, I mean the internet service. Are there anyone who can tell me about it???

  3. I've had mine about 3 weeks and I love the phone however I've been having an issue with some apps not loading I click certain apps and it just goes back to home screen any idea what is causing this? Example of one trouble app is showtime

  4. , I use Samsung fast charger and it works wonders it doesn't have any problems using it I don't know if it's going to damage the battery but for now it's the one who wanders try it out you charges faster thank you for your video

  5. Love the video it made me want to get one. I have been using a Motorola phone but half the time it's runs slow on me I had it for a little bit.

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