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Install Android Apps Via USB

Here is a site you can use to download the apps straight from Google Play: Also, if your phone doesn’t have the “mass storage” option, then choose “mtp” instead.
Install an app (apk) on your phone via USB. It’s useful if you don’t have an internet connection on your phone.

Download APK Android Apps and Games | AppsApk

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  1. I want to download Movie Box to USB, then connect USB to Smart TV and watch free movies, someone please HELP!!

  2. I dont have a mass storage option. I have Charge, Media Sync, and Send Images. I can try on Media Sync, cuz Pressing Charge Phone doesnt show phone on pc.
    EDIT// Using Media Sync worked. Thank so much for this vid.

  3. wow, man thanks alot for this video and websites to download android games i needed this .u da man

  4. How do I install apps without built in file explorer?
    I deleted it because I had root and i deleted it.

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