iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus hands-on comparison

We get our hands on the three new iPhones, the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. They have a few things in common – they support wireless charging, they have no headphone jacks and they’re really expensive, but they have more differences than we expected. Check out this video to find out what they are and if you have any questions, fire them in the comments section below.


  1. OLED is correct not AMOLED..AMOLED is just a marketing branding Samsung uses for their phones OLED other words there is no such thing as AMOLED,it's just a Samsung branding for OLED.

  2. Pre-ordered the iPhone 8+ 64GB Space Grey. I extended my plan and still got my 6S jailbroken on iOS 10.2. I will keep that as my back-up phone to mess around with.

  3. Feel like they could've made the bezels a bit thinner. The iPhone X isn't really bezel-less at all. Looks about the same width as the bezels on previous iPhones.

  4. The iPhone 10 doesn't have a bezels display. There is a border around the entire outside of the device. The NOTE 8 has a near bezels display because of the curved edges.

  5. Gahhh stop saying the iPhone X is bezel-less! What do you call that massive black strip running all the way around the phone, and the cheating crap that is the notch at the top!?

  6. Informative video shame apple is still a rip off in U.K. £699 for iphone8 vs $699 in US. Also 64gb will be useless in 2yrs so you will be buying another one.£250 for upgrade to 256gb? They won't sell any 256! £1000 for iPhone x ? They won't sell in U.K. E.g. A iPhone X on 2yr contract in U.K. Will be around £65 a month!!.

  7. Nice video. I have mutch tecnology. I bouth my first apple Product this summer because Android had problem to use DJI App when I fly my 2 drone. I bouth iPad Mini 4 and Its fantastic. Best tab I ever had and Nice to fly With my Inspire 1 and Spark Combo. I think now to bay New mobile phone. If I bay Apple It will be iPhone 8+. Why Is Apple phone moore exspencive than Android or Samsung Phone?.Before I say never Apple fore me. So come DJI With big uppgrade With their app. Android get problem fore first time in life,. After 2 month problem I bouth iPad Mini 4 and Its fantastic. Samsung 8 or iPhone 8+?.

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