iPhone X: Space Gray vs Silver Color Comparison!

Which color Apple iPhone X is for you? Space Gray vs Silver!

iPhone X 45 Days Later:
iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus:
iPhone 8 Color Comparison:
iPhone 8 Water Test:

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  1. If you’re gonna put it in a case all the time of any type than go with space grey if you want to expose the phone more silver but silver does scratch easier than space grey

  2. Got the space grey but wish I'd have waited for silver. The black paint apple used has chipped, flaked and shows wear much more than my wife's silver one. Just a warning ⚠️

  3. I had a iPhone 4S white, IPhone 5 white, 6,6s in white. Now I Want a all black iPhone. I don't really wanna be flashy as I did as a 13 year old kid anymore. All blacked out can't tell what phone I have

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