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iPhone X Tip – Secret Menu You Didn’t Know Existed

In this video: iPhone X Tip – The Secret menu you didn’t know existed. There is a secret menu you can enable on the iPhone X that adds some extra functionality to your iPhone. Let’s take a look.

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  1. They're making this way too complicated. Apple is supposed to be user friendly, that's why I chose it. I think they like to experiment with new formats for their own amusement to see how the public reacts. So we are paying them a lot of money to conduct testing experiments for their products. They're so rich they don't care anymore. And to not be able to customize your home page is ridiculous! They improve 3/4 features and take away 5 and charge you a lot more money. They must be laughing at us.

  2. There’s nothing secret about that !!! Lol that’s been around since I don’t know maybe iOS 5 ?!? Google it there are a million videos on this already! Been around for years ! Nothing secret or new about this at all ! Either you didn’t know about this and just didn’t do any research about it to see if it was truly a “new” feature or you just made the video and titled it iPhone X for the views ?!?! At least you have it a try though ! Lol

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