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I’ve finally spent an entire week with the iPhone X, and with that there’s a lot I’ve learnt from using it, and from comments on our YouTube videos that I think anyone will find handy if they’ve just picked up the iPhone X or if they’re planning on getting one.

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  1. Hi Ste. Where can one download that awesome gradient wall paper your using? The one with topo lines through it. Did you create that your self in photoshop? I love it!

  2. im vision impaired. apple why did you remove DISPLAY ZOOM feature from the settings????. (it has been removed from settings for iPhone X). im struggling to use my iPhone X without it. For some reason apple kept it on iPhone 8 and 8+

  3. you could actually enable the app switcher faster by swiping your finger diagonally from the bottom left to the right. or you could just swipe up and let go

  4. Great video Ste – I've been using mine for 7 days now and never want to go back to fingerprint unlock! Was weird tonight when I had to help my missus with her (my old) 6s

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