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iPhone X Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features – TOP 10 LIST

Learn how to use your iPhone X like a pro with our list of the Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features for the iPhone X!
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  1. On my iPhone X the option for Emergency SOS is simply “Call With Side Button”. Because it’s different than yours I didn’t think I had the option until I looked closer.

  2. got my new Iphone X today.., im a little bit lost after using iphone 6s for the last 3 years now im learnign from this guy. hey thank you for the information.. you're the man !!
    Bit.Ly must be paying him good money to advertise their site.. im sure he earns mucho bucks from them.. LOL

  3. Here is the problem. I have the device. The side button is used for 1. Lock Screen 2. Siri 3. Emergency SOS 4. Apple Pay. The phone gets confused when trying to activate Emergency SOS. The screen will lock, Siri pops up. It’s just too much assigning to one button.

    You forgot to mention to close an app you can swipe up instead of pressing the red circle with minus sign. You first have to activate the minus sign before swiping up.

    I need help on when on a phone call how to get to dialer screen.

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