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iPhone X – TOP 25 Tips & Tricks

Here are 25 Tips & Tricks that you probably didnt know about on your iPhone X!
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  1. tip 1: DONT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT! Samsung released samsung galaxy 6s 2015 and its better then iphone X. So if you´re smart dont buy iphone!

  2. will you give me a gaming mouse or keyboard becouse iam belonging from a farmer family and I can't afford them if u give my dream will full and I am watching your every episode and liked your every video and I comment same thing from last 6 months in evey video of yours iam from India

  3. Well every trick shown to this video can be done to android devices too and these tricks are not even something new for android devices, for iphones tho they are something new.

  4. Well a lot of those "tricks" come from Iphone 6 and (6s when using 3d touch), not from 8 plus, on 6s we have the reachability too. Good video anyways like always 🙂

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