iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Full Comparison: And the winner is…

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Both the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are extremelt popular smartphones and people want to know which one is better. In this video, we will find out.

We will look at the design, display, battery life, build quality, processor speed, camera, and much more.

This is an updated comparison with speaker quality test and Note 8 additional features such as Dex Dock.

Let’s dive in.

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  1. iPhone X blows out note 8. I used the note 8 for a cpl months and it drove me crazy. Samsung kept randomly deleting my songs. Freezing up all the time. Sound quality with Bluetooth sucked. And the phone is too long and skinny. iPhone X is a much better phone all around.

  2. Full comparison my foot.
    I'll bet you never addressed the fact that the Notes have been recording Stereophonic videos since the Note 4 and iPhones are still recording Monophonic videos.

  3. Android in general and of course Samsung phones are way better than I phone. Samsung android phones are aggressive AF. I mean c'mon they made a exploding phone isn't that aggressive enough?

  4. let me just make the full list of what the iphone x just does NOT have..
    bigger display
    better display
    symetric display
    storage expansion
    3,5 jack
    more security features
    ability to download themes
    abaility to download launchers
    ability to download other icons
    ability to place icons where you want them
    included fast charging

    and STILL the iphone x is more expensive…

  5. just yesterday i saw someone having an iphone x in the grosery store, and as a tech lover i thought it looked cool, but having a note 8 myself, i actually feel sorry for the guy…
    especially knwing how much more money it must have cost him…

  6. the note 8 is the 3rd smartphone in line thats way better than the iphone x, and the iphone x actually came out AFTER the note 8…
    you can simply not compare these phones…
    heck, there is just no reason for the iphone x to exist…

  7. no, the iphone x des not have a massive display…
    just how can you compare these phones ?
    there is no question which one is better… the iphone x is so much smaller, has so much less things to offer…
    you can not even compare it with the 5,8'' galaxy s8… even that one is better…
    so again, how can you compare this with note note 8 ?

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