iPhone X vs Galaxy S9+ Photo Quality Ultimate Comparison!

AppleInsider pits Apple’s iPhone X against Samsung’s Galaxy S9+. This time we take a closer look at camera hardware. Which premium phone do you think came out on top?

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  1. You should really learn how to take pictures and properly use a camera. You can't move/shake while trying to take a picture, and you should hold the phone still while it's processing the image (which takes a second after pressing the capture button). If you move the phone or shake, it will look a lot less sharp, which is why the photos are so un-consistant in this video. Doesn't matter if the phone has image stabilization, that just helps slightly. Seems like you gave bad examples and did stuff you shouldn't do while taking a picture with the S9+ (like taking a picture of a moving person in bad lighting conditions)

  2. Its too long to go over but for me, Iphone if I have time to take the shot and it's not fast moving and not low light, for move and shoot , plus lower light shots S9+
    The main thing I found was when I nailed indoor shots of my son with Iphone they were amazing, but he moves a lot, I have never had to delete so many blurred/out of focus photos than with Iphone.
    With the S9+ I get great photos, maybe not as many OMG, but the % that I end up deleting is far less.
    That's just my findings, everyone will be different.

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