iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus camera comparison

Can you spot the difference between Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X? Low light and selfies may be the deciding factor.
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  1. when we buy any of one phone, as time's up new comes in market oooop.. with more good features. haha what is this man? how many times change ? i think better to buy DSLR rather than this worse phone? iphone 7plus and canon DSLR ? nice choice?

  2. I think why people are so into getting the best specs cuz we’ll first of all maybe they are like so rich and they want to be in trend, second like me, I love taking photos and videos. So having a 4K display in 120 FPS is like DAMMMN

  3. Defo not worth the money on X imo. Plus in fact, I've always believed that new gens smartphone need time before it's ready for business. The 4 was terrible, then the 5, then the 6. It was always about to get better. Same will happen with X and I'm happy here with the 8 plus. Can't afford to lose the touch ID just yet.

  4. Tell me, how do you download a video from iPhone to YouTube? At me iPhone X and at loading directly from mobile on youtube through to share always the quality gives out no more than 360 though it is written down in 1080, also at loading on a computer limits quality.

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