iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus.
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  1. Great review as always. As long as there’s no Touch ID and an ugly notch on the phone I will never go for one no matter how affordable it might become in the future. Love my 8 Plus 256GB.

  2. I’m totally blind, and I’ve been using iPhones since the 4S came out because Apple was the first manufacturer to include on a SmartPhone a preinstalled screen reader they designed which works on all of their iDevices and computers called VoiceOver. If Apple replaces touch ID with Face ID in the future on all of its devices, I’m wondering how that would work for someone like me who has no vision . BTW, I really enjoy the content on this channel.

  3. I’ve had the 7 plus and the X is a way better fit for being portable. The little bit of extra screen real estate your getting with the plus, isn’t worth the extra chin and forehead. The X is a big step up in screen from the 8.

  4. I've had both Apple and Samsung. I'm not loyal to any of them. I've seen many reviews on these phones. I'd say this was the beat review in my opinion and makes my decision a little bit easier. Thanks

  5. A couple issues other YouTube IPhone X reviewers pointed out is the layout of the rear camera flash bunched too close to the lenses is when using flash it causes red or white eye. Another is having to swipe the control Notification from the top rt of the screen seems to now require a two hand operation. Another issue is that the OLED screen is PWM it causes more eye strain and headaches for people with sensitive eyes after extended use. My wife has been getting migraines more often which explains why. I watch movies in landscape mode and the bars actually make the viewable screen smaller and if you zoom out then the content gets cropped. If they fix that in software there’s still the distracting unsightly notch encroaching into the screen which I hate. I’ve had mine for 3 days and now want to exchange it for the 8+.

  6. I haven’t had the experience with the plus but can say that coming from the 6s the X is where it’s at. It’s faster , it’a more sleek and modern, it is the future .

    I was on the fence regarding Face ID as well and less than 12 hours in, find the Touch ID way of doing things just antiquated. This too will be the way going forward.

    I was vastly impressed with the speed bump from the 6s. It’s just not even close.

    Audio and video wise, a ton of improvements.

    The battery takes a good deal longer to charge (payoff for longer life), but that matters not. As long as I can get a full day out of it (with battery case) after charging all night, I’m set/. Can’t quite comment there yet though.

  7. How about the PWM backlight on the iPhone X that has been causing headaches for some users?

    The 8 still has a DC screen (which is always preferable to PWM flicker).

  8. I like the iPhone X but just wished the screen size was a lot larger for the price. They’re obviously saving that for 2018 release. I have no probs with Face ID, only very rarely it doesn’t work when a passcode is used. I find the swipe gestures a lot faster than the home button personally. The fact is, this is the direction Apple will be going so sooner or later users will have to make the change.

  9. I had the galaxy s8+. It was nice great screen but battery was weak and camera weak compared to the iPhone 7plus. Wanted the Note 8. Gets great reviews. My family is all IPhone so decided to try the 8plus. Not as interested in the X. But thinking about going to Note 8. Decisions.

  10. A lot of people (including reviewers… ugh) seem to hate that extra step of swiping up after FaceID unlocks but they're missing the point of this step. There's a reason for this extra step. What if you just want to look at the lock screen notifications or just check the time? It's important for the phone to unlock only when you want it to.

    Anyway other than the above point I loved your review. You distinguish yourself from all the other fancy, flashy tech YouTubers very well because you put things across in a no-nonsense way. I like that. 🙂

    Hope you see this Lisa!

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