iPhone X vs LG V30 Speed Test and Camera Comparison!

iPhone X vs LG V30 Speed Test and Camera Comparison!

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Boot Up, Speakers, Chrome vs Safari, Games/Apps Opening, AnTuTu Benchmark, Rear and Front Facing Selfie Cameras Video Tests, Day Time Rainy Camera Comparison (OIS, Zoom), Fingerprint Scanner, Specs, Multitasking, and more!

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  1. Im a producer, Speaker wise of course, LG and iPhone have the same highs and lows, the difference in clarity comes in bass, since the LG has no bass at all (Only highs and mids) You feel you are getting a clearer sound. To me they sound identical (Highs and mids and clarity and quality) Now for the overall iPhone sounds better cause of its bass combo!

  2. Im an LG owner but man , I have to admit , when it comes to raw power like editing and rendering a video on your phone NOTHING compares to iPhone . I will stay with android for a bunch of other reasons but everytime I have to cut and edit a video I WISH I HAD AN iPHONE . Period .

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