iPhone X vs OnePlus 5 Speed Test & Camera Comparison!

iPhone X vs OnePlus 5 Speed Test & Camera Comparison! Boot Up, Speakers, Chrome vs Safari, Games/Apps Opening, AnTuTu Benchmark, Rear and Front Facing Selfie Cameras Video Tests, Low Light Camera Comparison (OIS, Zoom), Fingerprint Scanner vs Face ID, Specs, Multitasking, and more! iPhone X on iOS 11.1. OnePlus 5 on Android 7 Nougat and planning a rematch once OP5 is on Android 8 Oreo.

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  1. sorry bro, you can't make a comparison video by tapping them at the same time, you won't time correctly and thus giving wrong results about booting speed and stuff, just use a software instead

  2. im a bit biased but the phones are about the same, maybe giving the oneplus a slight lead in software and definitly hardware. But if you compare it dollar to dollar, the one plus blows the iphone out of the water, its like half the price and arguable does better than the iphone

  3. iOS has slower, smoother more fluid animations that's why it opens apps slightly faster. Otherwise if you see the benchmarks no other phone is even close to the power of the A11 Bionic chip. It is the only processor that has enough power to shoot 4k 60fps and 1080p 240fps .

  4. I think iPhone cheats on memory management. When it brings back an app, it brings back a dead image. It takes a bit of time for the app to come alive while Oneplus brings back a live running app (or has to reload it)

  5. It doesn't make any sense to have the screen on on the iPhone. As you can see, it's already unlocked (because it was already looking for your face) while the OnePlus 5 has to turn the screen on and unlock.

  6. For me iPhone X is not worth the 1000$ price tag but compared to the OP5 i think again it is not twice as much but overall the iPhone is the better phone it has much more better camera better audio better screen better optimized and support also in speed they are pretty similar if we make the animations on the OP5 slower as the iPhone X one even OP5 will be no match and we all know that but when we consider the price it should be so what more water resistance as well as better design and in performance not speed but the performance iPhone X has no match no other smartphone can handle 3rd party apps better the iPhone X/8/8 Plus and we all know that so i think the iPhone X is the best smarthphone at the moment but not on the best price ofc OP5 has some advantages like better battery has a Headphone Jack has a fast charger included in the box and also faster fast charger but the faster fast chargers will affect the battery in the future and ofc it's cheaper

  7. OnePlus won everything against the iPhone X, app opening, gaming, Web browsing, audio, and camera. My question now is why would I leave the OnePlus 5, with a price twice as less as the iPhone X, and buy the iPhone X? I need your help guys.

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