iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Review & Comparison – Best Camera Smartphone?

In this video I do a detailed camera comparison between the iPhone X aka (iPhone 10) and Google Pixel 2 XL and I show you tons of pictures and videos that I shot in various lighting conditions so that you can judge which one takes better photos and videos in this camera review.

My iPhone X Unboxing & Overview Video

My Google Pixel 2 XL Unboxing & Overview


  1. IPhone 10 is better than pixel XL 2 in back camera back camera is better of iPhone 10 iPhone 10 is very costly in India I will not buy this iPhone 10 because I have don't enough money in mobiles so I am sitting in my mobile shop bye bye

  2. Sometime Iphone X make awsom camera performance much better than Pixel2 xl.but stabilization is very superb performance made by pixel2 xl..not huge diference both phones comparision.

  3. photographers won't go after cooked up vibrant colors they choose better dynamic range for post production editing stuffs.
    better white
    better balanced colors
    better contrast
    the best dynamic range
    i pick the pixel over the fancy portrait lighting machine
    tips: please choose a better place to compare photos, in photographic area you are totally wrong

  4. Considering price both are really great…..but HDR in iPhone X will make you irritated in places where it should not have it……cause the HDR in iPhone X will be default switched on in videos too as I saw the video of potato jet…I'll give the link …just see it you can see it. ….and the GCAM is the reason why the pics have pale and blue tint as I'm using Redmi Note 4 with GCAM and I too face it

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