LG G Stylo (Speeding up phone NO ROOT)

Speed up your slow LG G Stylos without downloading anything or rooting.

Developer. options needed. To get to that on this phone follow these steps:

1. Go to settings
2. Go to General
3. Scroll down and click "About Phone"
4. Click "Software info"
5. Click "Build number" until it says you are a developer.

Go back and at the bottom of General in Settings you will see developer options.

Also delete any apps that came with the phone you do not use that may be running in the background.


  1. Okay I've been searching for hours and no resolution… As of yesterday morning. My phone has started acting up. It wont load apps completely. I have a lot of start and stop with YouTube. Facebook if there's a picture it just shows this purple looking blue box where the pic should be. Internet browsers don't search either wrather its on chrome or not. I have an lg stylo 2. SOMEONE HELP!

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